What is LogOnline?
LogOnline is an online control- and dataloggingservice of CasCade Automation Systems. LogOnline takes care of your temperature logging and alarming and puts the data in a handy reportform. Also LogOnline triggers the user settable alarmlevels and sent this information over e-mail and SMS.

How does it work?
The LogOnline databox with the apllicable temperaturesensors is connected to the internet by a router. Our special dataserver takes samples every 5 minutes and runs it in a database. With your Login-name and password you enter your private part of the website. Here you can view and analise your data. You can download the information in .pdf format or print it directly. Also you can add, change or remove triggers on your sensors.

Who uses LogOnline?
LogOnline is meant for everybody who needs datalogging on its temperatures, forced by ruels like HACCP, Legion danger or whatever reason there may be, and thinks it is expensive, time-consuming and difficult. LogOnline takes care of your problem.


Who uses LogOnline?
- Fish and chip restaurants and other snackbars
- Hotels and restaurants
- Sauna’s and swimmingpools
- Hospitals
- Chemists
- Bakery's, butchers and supermarkets


What are your benefits?
- No more paperwork; no temperature registration by handheld-meters anymore
- No local computer or expensive infrastructure
- Low cost, no maintenance costs and no worry about periodical recalibration
- All your information availlable all around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
- Prevention of claims and damage through the alarm option by e-mail and SMS
- Cost savings on your insurance

How about Memberships?
There are three types of memberships on LogOnline:
- LogOnline Basic (only registration of data)
- LogOnline Standard (registration + alarming)
- LogOnline Premium (registration + alarming + master control of different sites)

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